What is miraqle?

A unique integrated platform across multiple disciplines which simplifies how listed companies manage and engage with their shareholders

Our Platform

miraqle comprises a series of interconnected data modules which support investor relations, registry and employee plans to allow companies to efficiently and accurately identify, profile, track, manage, target and engage with the investment community. The platform in turn delivers ownership reporting, across share registers, institutional investors, underlying beneficial owners and employee shareholders.

The ownership data seamlessly integrates with our global contacts database, which links to our contact management and communications module, as well as other external datasets, to deliver an exceptionally powerful investor relations management tool.

Who is Link Group?

A global, digitally enabled business connecting millions of people with their assets – safely, securely and responsibly

Our Reach

miraqle, is currently accessed by a over 13,000 users (from investor relations, advisers, company secretaries, treasury and HR professionals) across 1,600 listed companies, spanning more than 20 countries globally, to manage their investor engagement.