Create your own personalised dashboard and include your Top 20 holders and significant movements.


View your register at a glance. In snapshot you can see important statistics and information pertaining to the make-up of your share register such as Top 20 holders, split between CHESS & issuer holdings, holding distribution as well as the geographical distribution of your register.

Top Holders

Top holders broken down by the issued capital of your shareholders. Access your top holders easily through our dropdown. Customise your search period and create comparsion periods by issued capital movements.


Track your significant movements easily by customising the reportable range or period. All movements can be downloaded in either excel or pdf.

Profiles & Trends

Keeping shareholder data simple by use of exportable tables & charts. An uncomplicated view of your registry’s shareholder analyse conveniently provided with peer data based on Link Groups ASX 200 registry clients.


Looking for a shareholder is quick, simple & convenient, Search and look up a specified shareholders holding records including payment & tax details in a few clicks together with the ability to download selected shareholder statements.


Notifications made easy. Customise your own automatic email alerts for significant movements to stay on top of any large holding movements on your share register.