Keep track of your investor communications & engagement using our proprietary, global investor database

Your Toolkit

To support your IR requirements

Virtual events

Attract, inform and retain investors no matter where they are

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Ownership analysis

View your underlying fund investors and details about their location, investment style and holding type


Generate and export on-demand board reports, briefing books and meeting history reports

Proxy campaigns

View your shareholder voting pattern and activity in the run up to your meeting


Reach & target your investors effectively

An all-in-one solution to support your investor relations needs

  • Increase the efficiency of your workflow and gain direct access to in-depth data as well as generate powerful insights
  • Make knowledgeable decisions utilising integrated data sets across registered shareholders, underlying investors, meeting notes and voting trends

Easily track and record investor engagement

  • Access an accurate database of global institutional contact data and investor profiles
  • Record and review investor meeting history and engagement

Lead meaningful conversations with investors

  • Access comprehensive insights to support your strategy and connect with new and current investors
  • Support investor communications across all mediums from direct engagements, digital communications, to virtual and physical events

Evaluate your IR efforts

  • See insights on the activity of investors within your shareholder base
  • Assess the impact of your targeted investor outreach efforts through accurate analytics
  • Review investor behaviour to optimise your investor engagement